TENUTA PIETRAMORA is based in COLLE FAGIANO, in the heart of the Maremma region, on 53 hectares of land at 300 m above sea level, in a location of rare and strinking natural beauty.

And, with its unique landscapes and microclimate, the area is particulary suited for cultivating vines that create full-bodied wines with a fragrant nose.

Located on the Colle Fagiano, Polveraia hills, in the municipality of Scansano, in the Province of Grosseto, between the historic sites of Montorgiali and Montepò, the company can be reached via a scenic motorway route that provides inspiring panoramic views of various medieval sites.

The farm was estabilished in 1999 with the replanting of 4 hectares of pre-existing vineyards, as well as the planting of new cultivations, covering a total surface area of 11 hectares of high-quality San Giovese grape vines.

The terrain is mostly composed of a type of marl-based, lime-rich soil taht is low in organic compounds and clay, the perfect enviroment for growing Sangiovese grapes, which make up most of the company’s grape and wine production, together with a modest cultivation of Merlot vines.

Sheltered by native holm oaks, the vineyards extend over the hillsides that are swept by the winds of the sea and mountains, creating the perfect microclimate for cultivating grapes, which are grown to organic standards – a decision that is becoming an increasingly important part of the company’s philosophy.